Publishing Reports

To publish a report, click the Publish tab as shown below:


This will open the screen below.



The file browser location is set to /home/tomcat/apache-tomcat-v/jasper_reports/reports

Select the directory you wish to publish to and then select Upload to upload both your .jrxml and .jasper files.

You would also include any support files, such as image files.

Creating Directories

To publish a report, click the Publish tab as shown below.


Enter the name of the directory you wish to create as show below. This will create a new directory, NewReports, under the main reports directory.

Once text is entered, upload any files you wish to.


Note that once a Directory has been created, it will be added to the availbale directories for subsequent publications:



There are four options for uploading files.

  1. Local File - this is a file already on the device.
  2. Uploaded File - upload from your local machine.
  3. HTTP or FTP URL - obtain files via HTTP or FTP

Additionally, select the options to upload zip archives as well as to over-write any existing files (for when you publish updates to your reports).